How do bail bonds work in Minnesota?


the defendant or cosigner is required to pay the local bail bondsman

A bail bonds company in Minnesota guarantees that a defendant will appear for the hearing by posting an appearance/surety bail bond with the county court. In return, the defendant or cosigner is required to pay the local bail bondsman a required premium amount of 10% of the principal bond amount, before the defendant's bond is executed. The bail bonds company may require collateral additionally to the required premium for the bail bond.

Should you use a bail bondsman?

The best bail bonds in Minnesota is a suitable solution to those who can't afford to pay the bail amount in cash. It is also the common resort if the set bail amount is too expensive and impractical for a defendant to pay. However, a court judge reserves the right to temporarily deny a bail or set high bail depending on the case or severity of the crime committed.

What can a bail bondsman do?

A bail bondsman in Minnesota will enter into a contract with the defendant and cosigner. However, if the defendant fails to appear, the bail bondsman may utilize your listed collateral to pay the court. The bail bondsman will take prior court appearance history into consideration to assess the defendants flight risk and when executing bail bonds.

What information does a bail bondsman need?

A local bail bondsman in Minnesota will require basic information, including your name, address, date of birth, and phone number. Some companies will require info about your current employment and residency history in Minnesota. The bail bondsman will ask about the arrest information prior to meeting with the court. The required information will vary per company to provide bail bonds service.


How does Minnesota set DWI bail?

DWI bail in Minnesota is set upon the first appearance of the defendant. The judge will identify the amount of bail based on the nature and severity of the offense, as well as aggravating factors.

If the DWI arrest happened on the weekend, a weekend judge may set bail prior to the defendant's first appearance. However, weekend bail doesn't always apply to all cases. The judge reserves the right to grant it or not.

What should you know about bailing out of jail in Minnesota?

Conditions may also apply upon your release. The judge will determine such conditions based on factors like the defendant's danger to society, criminal history, ties to the community, and more.

How do local MN bail bonds services work?

When bailing out a DWI case, you have two options: to pay the cash bond or hire a local bail bondsman in Minnesota. With a cash bond, you’ll have to pay out the entire amount of the set bail.

Instead of paying the principle bail bond amount, you are required to pay a local bail bondsman 10% of the bail bond amount. The local Bail Bondsman in Minnesota offers the lowest money down allowed by law and payment plans.

The best bail bonds Minnesota and our local bail bondsman can help you with a DWI bail bond in Minnesota. Stay off the alcohol monitor and post an unconditional bail bond.