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Do you need a Bail Bondsman? Did your friend or loved one get arrested? Are they in custody at the Wright County Jail?

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Let's face it, a normal person makes some mistakes in life. Sometimes those mistakes may require a bail bond. We here to help. Our local bail bondsman will provide the best fast & efficient bail bond services for our clients in Minnesota. Our local bail bondsman specialize in DWI Bail Bonds in Buffalo, Minnesota and provide bail bonds service for all other misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony offenses in Wright County.

How much do scram bracelets cost?

Alcohol monitoring generally will be pricey with unreasonable additional release conditions. Typically, a defendant is charged a set up fee of ($75 to $100 or more) including a daily monitoring fee that can range from ($15 to $30), the monthly costs can be as high as $600. Defendants, usually can post a DWI unconditional bail bond to avoid the alcohol monitor.

How Do You Bail Someone Out of Jail with Bond in Wright County?

Do you need to get someone out of jail in Wright County, MN? One option that you have is using a bail bond. While the legal process can be confusing, we are here to help you out. Whether it's a friend or a loved one, we offer the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans.

You have the following options:

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    Paying the cash bail to the jail

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    Hiring a bondsman


Paying the bail amount

The first option you have is paying the cash bail amount out of pocket. Cash bail is the court's leverage toward the defendant to ensure he or she will appear in court at a later date for the hearing. Once the defendant complies with the court proceedings, the cash bail will be returned by the courts, minus any fines or restitution in most cases. If you utlize a bail bondsman, you pay 10% of the principle bail bond amount which is the required minimum outlined by Minnesota insurance law. When you use a bail bonds company, you do not pay the full principle bond amount as you are required to do so, when posting a cash bail directly to the county jail.

After a arrest and booking, the presiding judge in Wright County, MN will typically set a cash bail or bond. In many cases, the bail amounts may be very high bail amounts depending on the severity of the crime. In these cases, the help of the best bail bonds in Wright County, Minnesota, is your best option.

Hiring a bondsman

As a local bail bondsman in Wright County, we will help you, your friend or loved one get out of jail quickly. We offer the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans. We provide bail bonds service for all misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor & felony charges. We specialize in DWI/DUI conditional and unconditional bail bonds. If the defendant fails to appear to court, a warrant is issued for the defendants arrest and the bail bond is forfeited. Our local Bail Bondsman charge a 10% fee as required by Minnesota insurance law.

Why hire us for a bail bond in Wright County, MN?

If you're looking for a reliable bail bond service in Wright County, MN, don't hesitate to call! We have been helping defendants gain temporary freedom for more than 30 years now. We are fully licensed bail bond agents in Wright County that offer 24/7 coverage for those in need.

With our affordable local bail bonds in Wright County, MN, we are able to get our clients released quickly. We offer the lowest money down allowed by law & payment plans. Our bail bonds company does not require credit checks, and we never judge our clients.