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DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Awesome and honest service hassle free

Tami Harding

I can't begin to explain how easy bobby made everything. All the other bonds companies have made it an absolute nightmare especially Buffalo bail bonds but not bobby he made everything quick easy and made my life that much more worry free. I'm so thankful for affordable bail bonds I truly beleive they are the best and highly recommended them to anyone looking for a pain free affordable way to get your loved one free. Thank you Bobby!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Helped me get my freedom back!

A-Affordable Bail Bonds helped me get my freedom back. He was able to answer all my questions, and was very responsive and professional. By the time I called him, I was out of jail 1.5 hours later. I was under extreme stress and in a situation I have never been in. He was so helpful and I could tell it was important for him to get things done as soon as possible.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Great Friend

Bobby is highly responsive, compassionate and interested in your welfare. Made a great connection to an outstanding attorney and stood by me.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Jake V.

Got out fast on the holiday!

Fast service, thought I was going to have to sit all weekend. Bobby is very knowledgeable when it comes to DWI bonds. Posted my bond and I avoided the monitor.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Ron Fischer


Bobby was more than helpful. He took me by the hand and helped me through the bail process step-by-step. Without Bobby I am uncertain as to what our outcome might have been.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Joseph D.

Got me off the alcohol monitor. So happy!

Bobby seemed to be the only one that answered his phone and actually explained things to me. He was patient, knowledgeable and very quick to get my unconditional bail bond completed. I got off the monitor after a week it was to expensive and horrible annoyance. The other companies were rude, unprofessional and appeared to hate their job. Thank you so much for being their for me and my family and helping me with a more suitable option. If you are ever arrested for a DWI, take the time to call Bobby. He will explain things that make sense and will work very hard for you. You can depend on him to get you off the alcohol monitor or to avoid it if you have the option of a unconditional bond.

Thank you, Bobby. Take care and enjoy your summer!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Kinsley W.

Bye Bye Alcohol Monitor, Hello Winery!

Bobby was fantastic, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with when i was stressed out. The alcohol monitor cost me alot of money for two months and it was annoying as hell. I had enough and was tired of missing wine dates with the girls and decided to post a unconditional DWI bond. I was not even aware i had a unconditional bond that could be posted until Bobby looked at my situation and guided me through the process. I posted the bond within a hour of talking with Bobby and I proudly returned my monitor back to the county.

Bye bye monitor and hello winery with the girls again!!! Do not eve do the alcohol monitor, it is a waste of time and money and very burdening in anyone's daily life. Thanks Bobby, hope to see you at the winery soon!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Tony S.

Great Bondsman & DWI Bond service

Thank you Bobby for helping me understand the negatives of a alcohol monitor vs. a unconditional bond. I went with the unconditional bond and avoided the retarded alcohol monitor as it would have cost alot more money over time! If you need a DWI bond, call Bobby he is honest and very knowledgeable and will make sure you have the facts that the jails don't provide when making a choice between a alcohol monitor or unconditional bail bond.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Bobby is the best

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Scott W.

Fast DWI bond service. Best service in the area!

Bobby was very helpful & friendly, Extremely professional, sincere and responsive. The other local alleged bond companies in the area either were charging way to much, weren't available or just didn't answer their phones when their office was right across from the jail. What a joke, Bobby was there for me and my family and walked me through the process and offered a great payment plan. So glad i called and avoided the "SCAMMER SCRAMMER ALCOHOL MONITOR" the jail was trying to talk me into for 24 hours, jails really seem like they try to help inmates avoid bondsman just to help the county get paid monitor fees.

Thanks again guys, very happy i found your company!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Gabe W.

Thank you! Thank you - No alcohol monitor for me

The jail was very pushy to get me to do a alcohol monitor and seemed as though they were trying to get me to avoid a bail bond. I called a bail bond company anyways and worked with Bobby. I am very happy i spoke to a professional honest bondsman that gave me facts about the monitor vs. unconditional bail which helped me make a informed decision. If you ever need a bail bond call Bobby, he will get things done for you in a fast and stress free manner. Thank you, Thank you!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Andy S.

Best DWI Bond service in town, got me out quick!

Bobby was great to work with, he was honest and clearly the fastest service in town. I called him and within 30 minutes of the bond getting posted for me i was released. He help me avoid the alcohol monitor and explained things to me better then the jail that was trying to get me to do the monitor. Thanks Bobby your awesome!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Make your one phone call Bobby!

Super super helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely would call him again if I ever got stuck in a jam again!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Parker M.

Highly recommended! 100% Satisfied

Bobby made the process fast,informative and hassle free. He is the only bondsman i would ever recommend to friends and family. I have been on bail before with other companies and it was always horrible money driven service. Bobby actually cares about his clients and works hard for their quick release. Thanks again boss.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Aubrey W.

Fast DWI bail bonds service! No monitor for me!

Bobby was awesome . I never had to do a bond before and he was informative, honest & very professional. The jail was certainly trying to get me to do a alcohol monitor. I learned what i see on TV isn't how bondsman really are when you find a good one anyways. I hope i never need a bond a again, however if i do i will always be calling Bobby! Thank you !!!!!!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Simba Moua

Couldn’t have had any better

Bobby made the process smooth and quick. 100% would recommend and would definitely be my go-to!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438



Bobby was very quick and organized to get my son bailed out as quickly as he could. He made everything really easy and was super non judge mental which made everything seem more ok! Would highly recommend!!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Bobbie was amazing!!!

The best

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Gary T.

Fast & Awesome DWI Bail Bonds service!

The jail tried telling me the monitor was the way to go. Well, it truly isn't and Bobby explained things in a very forward a manner. The jail doesn't tell you if you get a DWI on a Friday night that you have to sit until Monday or even Tuesday. They also didn't tell me it was almost 250.00 to set up with a daily charge of use. The jail can't sucker you when you have a good bondsman! So happy I called A-Affordable Bail Bonds. Great bondsman, very fast service with a local office! The other local companies don't answer their phones and didn't offer payment plans. What a joke! Thanks Bobby, it was a pleasure working with you.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

First timer


Thank you Bob ! You were highly professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. You personality made the process easy, comfortable and reassuring during our short time together. Everything went quickly and seamlessly. Best all you delivered the papers to the court immediately. I highly recommend anyone needing your service be assured you’ve chosen the right person.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Katya Tabakov

Bobby was very helpful.

Bobby as an angel send from heaven. I will recommend him to anyone 360% he made it very simple ,and easy , understandable .very happy with the service that I received . I wish I would of called him soon 🙂 thankyou Bobby so much again for your help .

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Highly Recommended

Bobby was amazing helping me get my brother out on bond. He gave me knowledgeable answers to all my questions. His Professionalism was impressive. I would definitely recommend Bobby!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Paula V.

Dedicated Bondsman, Professional Service!

Bobby was very caring and professional. He is very genuine and worked all day to get my husband's bond done.We are forever grateful, we could not have done the bond without a payment plan. Thank you A-Affordable Bail Bonds, God Bless!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Very Quick and Helpful

Bobby was extremely helpful and willing to work with me! Got my boyfriend out of Wright county jail extremely quickly

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Bobby was very helpful and quick!

Bobby was very sincere and seemed genuine and was very quick and helpful and the paper work was quick and he gave us other resources to get the best help we could get. Thanks

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Bobby was quick and responsive!

Bob was quick to respond and to help my brother out of a bind. He explained everything and took the time to answer all of my questions. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't hesitate to give them a call. Thanks again!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Two times a charm Bob!!!

Bob I wanna say you are one awesome guy you stand by your word you are affordable and this is not the first time this is the second time that you’ve got me out of a bind I really do appreciate it I will always choose your business and also recommend you to anyone that I know who may need help With your services once again many thanks To you Bob!!!!!!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Awesome guy!


I'm so blessed I got ahold of bobby. He is kind & good at what he does. Bobby was great to work with and posted my DWI unconditonal bond. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again bobby!!!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Magdalena Vera


I had the pleasure of working with the Bobby a bails bondsman he is a very great to work with a very reliable man and very easy to get a hold of. Would highly recommend him.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Very nice and honest

Bob was great at getting right back to both parties and working this out as fast as possible. He even waited until the defendant was released and in good hands. Also made everything easy as far as paperwork and logistics goes. This is the first time I have ever had to go through something like this and he made it easy.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Julie H.

Very nice & professional

Lightning fast, kind & professional service. Bobby was great to work with and posted my DWI unconditonal bond. The alchohol monitor was annoying & expensive. It was so satisfying giving the monitor back to the probation office, Bobby made that possible. Thank you for making my day Bobby!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Samantha H.

Great professional local service!

My family called a few local companies in the area and the surrounding areas to Anoka. The bondsman were either to busy, didn't answer their phone or were just old fashion rude. My mother talked to another bondsman out of the St.Paul/Roseville area that was trying very hard to have her use his small local company. Mom, was not impressed at all with his lack of compassion and his general phone etiquette. My family found A-Affordable Bail Bonds in Anoka and my mom was very happy that she did! This company had the best ratings and reviews and the service was fantastic! Bobby was professional, personable and really great to work with, my family and I recommend A-Affordable Bail Bonds.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Review for Bobby

Bobby is a very reliable bondsman when he says hes going to do something he always pulls through on it. Never leaving you second guessing him. He's a nice guy and is good at what he does! Very recommended by me

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Rhonda C

Getting out of a tough situation

Hello my name is Rhonda C.
My experience with this company has been very good Bob has been very sufficiently on task with all my needs of helping my love ones out of a not so good situation, however he was and always is very compassionate towards any difficult situation that can accrue to make you feel secure about your decision to affiliate with . Bob is a great honest guy and I am very great full to have met this man under these tough circumstances. I highly recommend Affordable bonds to anyone who needs this kind of help.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

William S.

Best Bail Bonds in Town, Fast & Professional!

Bobby was awesome! Very fast and attentive to not only my family bailing me out, but also my quick release. The other local companies could not even come close to the 5-Star service provided. Great company, great people and great service!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Informative, kind & professional service!

Thank you A-Affordable Bail Bonds for getting my sister out of jail. Bobby was fast, reliable, kind and very informative during a stressful time. Very professional service, i definitely recommend this bond company.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Aaron H.

Best service in town. Fast & Easy!

The bondsman was great to work with, he was punctual and very informative! The newer small companies in the area were very rude, didn't answer their phone or just didn't offer payment plans. Stick with the bigger companies in my opinion, they actually care about clients it seems, I am glad i did for sure.

Thanks again guys, It was great working with your company!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Available, Fast & Professional!

Bobby was informative, available and a true pleasure to meet. I didn't like being in jail and this bondsman made it a fast stress free process.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Onawa Maas

Amazing and caring service

I would definitely use Bob again he was very nice, friendly, fast and caring. Best experience ever with bail bondsman. Thank you

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Making a bad situation more tolerable

A-Affordable Bail Bonds made my difficult situation a surprisingly pleasant experience. Fast service, accommodating, and the humor was much needed and appreciated! I would not hesitate to use them again.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Randall P.

Fast & Fantastic Service!

Got my 1st DWI, it wasn't fun and very stressful. Bobby, was fantastic, fast & professional service. I am so grateful that I was bonded out so quickly!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Much appreciated

This is very stressful and Bobby was very helpful and non judgemental which made the experience much less stressful.

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Bobby was great! Professional & Informative!

I was very confused by the jail and did not know how to do a bail bond. The jail continued to suggest the alcohol monitor instead of doing a bail bond, which was very odd. I called a bail bonds company and the bondsman explained to me why the monitor was a bad idea, I immediately decided to post a unconditional bail. I am so grateful that the bond company was more helpful and informative then the actual jail, the bail bondsman helped me understand my options at the time. Very informative and professional bonds company!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Great job

Bobby did a wonderful job. Was quick and efficiant. I would definately recommend him to anyone that needs to bail out a loved one

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Very helpful

Bobby did a wonderful job helping to bail out a family member. He was friendly and efficient would definitely recommend

A-Affordable Bail Bonds 763-200-5744


Extremely helpful

Bobby was extremely helpful in getting my family member bailed out saved me alot of stress

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438


Bobby is the Best!

I thought I wasn't going to be able to get my brother out of jail.. Bobby made the whole thing very easy and he's down to earth! Great guy to work with!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Karly Martinson

Great help!

Thanks for being so quick to get back to me and being so great throughout this difficult process!

DWI Bail Bonds 507-440-8438

Mike R.

Got off the alcohol monitor & back to the party!

Bobby was fantastic and truly is knowledgeable when it comes to DWI Bonds. The jail talked me into the monitor and after being on it for a few weeks I simply couldn't handle it anymore. The cost of the monitor was ridiculous and all the conditions were just to much for a working individual to handle. The other companies around either didn't answer their phones, or were simply rude and acted very entitled. Bob was very personable and a pleasure to work with he explained things very well and posted my bond quickly & without delay or excuses! Thank you so much for getting things done for me before the holiday!